The GBMA is committed to Occupational Health & Safety: “Move it – the GBMA Way”

Both the GBMA and the AWCIANZ are committed to improving the standard of occupational health & safety in the wall and ceiling industry. Working together to actively provide information to address the safety challenges faced by our industry on a daily basis across commercial & residential construction sites.

“A Guide to Safe Site Delivery of Plasterboard and Associated Products” aims to minimize hazards associated with the delivery and on-site storage of plasterboard. The guide builds on, and is complemented by, the GBMA’s resource guide “Move it the GBMA way – A Safe Manual Handling Guide for the Plasterboard Industry”.

The Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation is made up of six elements that require compliance: mass, dimension, load restraint, speed, fatigue and vehicle standards (maintenance). The GBMA is actively working to address the safety challenges related to load restraint among companies who transport and distribute plasterboard on behalf of all of the member companies.

GBMA Loading Light Vehicles

GBMA Load Restraint Guide – Bulk Loads

GBMA Down Lashing